Borash Veterinary Hosts Open House

It was a ninety degree day, but that didn’t stop hundreds of pet owners from attending the open house held at Borash Veterinary Clinic in June!  We recently completed renovations and wanted to give clients a behind the scenes tour of what is done in an animal hospital.  We have spent about a year and a half reworking our layout to optimize the space of the 2000 square foot facility.  We opened a new surgical prep area, new surgery room, dental suite and recovery area.  We added on additional inventory storage and office space, the boarding kennel and feline and canine wards were improved by creating more individualized spaces to accommodate patients with unique needs.  Dr Borash worked closely with the contractors to customize the hospital, making the areas specific to our everyday needs.

Attendees got a tour of the hospital and got to see a mock surgery set up, radiographs of animals, and learn about what we do on a day to day basis.  We are a busy animal hospital because we do our best to accommodate the needs of everyone.  We treat a variety of patients with acute and chronic medical issues, and it is hard to give everyone an individual tour when they come in with their pet.  We know people are curious and want to know what happens when they leave their four legged friend with us, so we showed them!  Attendees and pets were also welcome to take a tour of The Four Seasons Pet Resort adjacent to us.
At the welcome table doggie and kitty bags were given out to everyone that stopped by, the bags contained information on pet health care, emergencies, product samples and more.  We asked some of the areas animal related organizations to attend.  The turnout was great, we had representatives from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Dulcies Dog Bowl of Peabody, New England Dog Biscuit Company of Danvers, Paws for Praise of Danvers, and Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton.  Food was provided by The American Barbecue of Beverly.  Animals that attended were offered free microchipping and nail trimming services, and animals and people got to meet Dr Borash and Dr Southgate in person.  Misting stations and small pools were set to keep everyone cool.

Feedback from people that attended was all very positive.  Some people had no idea how advanced veterinary medicine is, never realizing the types of equipment we use to treat animals are all just as advanced as in human medicine.  We demonstrated use of our in house laboratory testing equipment, where we can obtain results in minutes on how a pets internal body systems are functioning, we showed off digital radiographs of fractures and what periodontal disease looks like, and we hooked up our monitoring and support equipment used for anesthetized pets having surgical procedures.  People also liked seeing the endoscope in action, and got to see how useful it is for many things like visualizing ear canals, nasal cavities, bladders, and stomachs and saw footage of pennies being removed endoscopically from a labradors stomach!  People finished off the tour by socializing and meeting  some of our animals for adoption, our house pets, and some pets owned by our technicians and assistants.

All in all everyone had a great day and we ended with a staff appreciation ice cream social….

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